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The Tanker's Prayer


I pray thee Heavenly Father,
Please hear this tanker’s prayer,
And  send an angel to me,
For my tank and crew to care.
Be with us when we need you,
And lend a helping hand
And safely carry my machine
Across this barren land.
And keep my tank from running dry
When the foe is close to me,
And place my gunner’s crosshairs
On the tanks that we don’t see.
Keep our wedge nuts on and tightened,
And the tension in our track,
And be the eyes for our guards at night
When we are in the sack.
Please keep our radios in shape
And our commo working right,
Be with us when we kneel and pray
Ride with us day and night.
Please keep our commo coming
Help us ring out freedom’s bell,
But above all Heavenly Father,
See we do our duty well.
And if we fall in combat,
In the midst of morning gray,
We ask you to accept us
These things dear Lord we pray,
Author Unknown


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