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M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle /// M3A2 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle


Provide infantry and cavalry fighting vehicles with digital command and control capabilities, significantly increased situational awareness, enhanced lethality and survivability, and improved sustainability and supportability.

The Bradley M2A3 Infantry/M3A3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (IFV/CFV)has the following specifications:
Length: 30.96 ft
Width: 17.04 ft with armor tiles; 15.48 ft with armor skirts
Height: 14.04 ft
Weight: 67,000 lb combat-loaded
Power train: 600 hp Cummins VTA-903T diesel engine with GM-Allison HMPT-500-3EC hydromechanical automatic transmission
Cruising range: 250 mi
Road speed: 38 mph
Crew: 9 (3 on-board; 6 dismounts)
Vehicle armament: 25 mm Bushmaster cannon; TOW II missile system; 7.62 mm, M240C machine gun
Distribution: armor/infantry brigades, cavalry regiments, division cavalry squadrons
Current models/variants: Bradley M2/M3A0,A2,A2ODS (Operation Desert Storm)IFV/CFVs,Bradley Fire Support Team (BFIST)Vehicle,Bradley Linebacker.

A3 Bradley

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Version A3 provides improvements in lethality, survivability, sustainability, mobility, and command and control required to defeat the projected threat of the 21st Century.

Sand M2A3

Key A3 features include:

- Complete digital C3 system

- Improved Bradley Acquisition System with IFLIR

- Commander's Independent Viewer

- Position/Navigation

- Improved Driver's Vision

- Fire Control/Missile Guidance System

- Roof Fragmentation Protection

FOX NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle


The Fox is a six-wheeled light-armored vehicle designed primarily to detect, identify, and mark areas of persistent liquid chemical warfare agent ground contamination.

Pressurizing and sealing the vehicle protects the usual four-man crew - driver, commander, MM-1 operator and surveyor or wheelman - from exposure to outside contaminants, and allows the crew to work without the constraints of protective masks and gloves. The primary chemical warfare agent detection system in the Fox is the mobile mass spectrometer (MM-1) and an air/surface sampler. This system is primarily a liquid chemical agent detector.

The addition of the M43A1 augments the Fox MM-1 system by providing a credible nerve agent vapor detector. The MM-1 detects chemical warfare agents by analyzing the ionic activity of a sample that has been collected either by raising liquid samples from the ground to the retractable sampling probe, using silicon sampling wheels, or by sampling the surrounding air.

Grizzly (Breacher)


The GRIZZLY [once called the Breacher] is an armored vehicle designed to breach obstacles including mines, berms, wire, rubble, and tank-ditches.

Since 2001 the Grizzly remains as an unfunded requirement.



M577A2 - Command Post Carrier

m577    m577 drawings

A variant of the M113 series of vehicles.


M88A1 Recovery Vehicle


M88A2 HERCULES Recovery Vehicle


Hercules: Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Evacuation System

M88A2 Comparison to M88A1*

Faster Speed, 24% With and 14% Without Towed Load due to Higher HP
20 - 25% Better in Braking Performance (Power Assist Brakes)
20 - 25% Better in Slope Performance

– 25% More Towing Capacity Capabilities
55% More Winching Capacity
40% More Hoisting Capacity
More Precise Winching and Hoisting Control

Increased Armor Protection

On Board Maintenance Aids to Reduce Crew Workload
Auxiliary Winch
Davit/Chain Hoist
Grease Operated Track Adjuster

Performs Recovery Mission With Three-Man Crew (One-Man Saving)

*data from

M109A1/A5 Howitzer


M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer

Provide the primary artillery support for armored and mechanized infantry divisions.The "A6" designation of the M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer identifies the vast improvements to weapon survivability, responsiveness, reliability, availability and maintainability, armament, and terminal effects over the standard model.

M109A6 Paladin

The M109A6 (Paladin)Howitzer is the most technologically advanced self-propelled cannon system in the U.S. Army. The fire control system is fully automated, providing accurate position location, azimuth reference, and on-board ballistic solutions of fire missions.The howitzer has a computer-controlled gun driven through servos with manual backup.

Survivability: "Shoot and Scoot" tactics; improved ballistic and NBC protection.
Responsive fires: capable of firing within 45 seconds from a complete stop with on-board communications, remote travel lock, and automated cannon slew capability.
Accurate fires: on-board position navigation and technical fire control.
Extended range: 30 km with High Explosive Rocket Assisted Projectile (HE RAP)and M203 propellant.
Max unassisted range: 22,000 m
Max assisted range: 30,000 m
Min range: 4000 m
Max rate of fire: 4 rds/min
Sustained rate of fire: 1 rd/min (dependent on thermal warning device)
Max speed: 38 mph
Crew size: 4 (accompanying M992 FAASV-5)
Weight empty (approx.): 56,400 lb
Weight combat-loaded (approx.): 63,615 lb

M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System

Provide counter battery fire and suppression of enemy air defenses, light materiel, and personnel targets.


The Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is an artillery weapon system that supplements cannon artillery fires by delivering large volumes of firepower in a short time against critical, time-sensitive targets. The MLRS is capable of supporting and delivering all of the MLRS family of munitions, including the Army tactical missile system weapon.

Length: 6,832 mm
Width: 2,972 mm
Weight: 24,756 kg
Range: 483 km
Average speed: 40 kph
Max speed: 56 kph
Crew: 3

Avenger Air Defense System

Provide mobile,short-range,air defense protection against cruise missiles,unmanned aerial vehicles,low-flying fixed-wing aircraft,and helicopters to divisions,armored cavalry regiments, separate brigades,and corps/theater air defense brigades.

Avenger system is a lightweight,highly mobile,and transportable surface-to-air missile/gun weapon system mounted on a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). It has a two-man crew and can operate in day or night and in clear or adverse weather conditions. The system incorporates a fully rotatable turret, operator 's position with displays, fire control electronics, and standard vehicle mounted launchers which support and launch multiple Stinger missiles. Avenger can be operated remotely up to 50 meters from the fire unit and can shoot on the move.

Armament: Eight ready-to-fire Stinger missiles/.50-caliber machine gun
Sensors: Forward-looking infrared (FLIR)sensor/laser range finder/optical sight
Chassis: Modified heavy HMMWV
Fire control: Digital fire control computer/gyro-stabilized electronic turret


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